Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Charity Boards The Gravy Train

National Families In Action Launches "But What About The Children?" - TheStreet

It's all the same.
Every single one of these groups want to "protect the children".

Protect them from what living?

In this case the all powerful evil enemy is Marijuana,in this case the stuff California is trying to legalize.

"We allowed alcohol and tobacco to be sold for too many years without effective regulation, and we've paid a terrible price in terms of early use, addiction, and all of those deaths," said Rusche. "If policy makers decide to legalize a third addictive drug, it's imperative that we use our 150 years of knowledge and experience to protect our children from becoming the target market of the marijuana industry."

Ya sure,it's the fault of the government for not doing enough to protect us.

Someday and maybe I won't live to see it but someday these people and groups like theirs will no longer exist.
I hope I live long enough for that to happen.

Oddly enough I don't use controlled substances,but I think we should be able to legally use them if we want to.

I have these fantasies of a world where we are treated like adults and no one tries to say what vise is good and what vice is bad.
No one tries to control us or shame us and no one is living off my tax dollars or anyone else's.

Someday I imagine a world where adults are responsible for their own behavior and the behavior of their children.

I like the world I created in my head,I'm only sad I don't already live in it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Is Running Out

A close friend recently asked me why I let all this stuff bother me.
Why I allow myself to be so upset by things I have no control over.
My answer was simple,I love my friends and my family.

I have no desire to see either of them hurt by policies out there that  have the ability to try and force changes on them that they don't wish to abide by.
They are rational adults some of whom have smoked for their entire lives.
My mother and father are both older ,I don't consider them elderly but  some people would.

My Father fought as a marine overseas well before I was born.
My Mother grew up as did I on a farm in the middle of nowhere with cows and pigs for company.
Both of them worked hard my entire life to try and provide us kids with a better life than they had.
I probably forget to mention they both smoke,they smoked my entire life.

Some members of my family smoked until they died at ripe old ages of what doctors would no doubt label smoking related illness.

(I smoked tratitional cigarettes until last year,now I smoke an electronic one oddly enough for political reasons not health ones.)

I am however very lucky that both of my parents as old as they are are still quite able to care for themselves.

If they weren't I have no doubt they would be in housing somewhere and I also have no doubt they would be exposed to policies like the ones outlined at the above link.

This is just what we allow to happen to our elderly when they don't do what we want them to.

At some point we have to stand up and raise our voices in unity and say enough is enough.

This is someone's mother,someone's friend and someone who at this point in their life deserves better.

I stuck up a quick blog post Sunday to ask that people contact Richard White at his website to add their names to a list of people asking the housing authority to reconsider their eviction.

Please do it,time is running out.

If it were your mother you would want people to stand up and say enough is enough,wouldn't you?


Excellent video.
It's sad when the only one's left who tell the truth are independent media,bloggers and comedians.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Evictions And Letters

I've mentioned Richard White before on this blog.

I greatly admire his book Smoke Screens which is pretty eye opening and reminds me of other well written books in the same genre like Dissecting Anti-Smokers Brains or Velvet Glove Iron Fist.

So when Richard says he has something he'd like to share I pay attention.

I am posting his e-mail to me which I had permission to post:

Hi all, 

This is one of the most important emails I've ever sent to you all and 
it's imperative this gets as much attention as possible. If you are 
unfamiliar with the story, read this link before opening the attachment. 

The attachment is a letter I have written to be sent to the Housing 
Association in question to urge them to overturn their decision. If we 
can generate enough support and interest perhaps we will have victory on 
this one. Please take a moment to read the letter and add your name at 
the bottom; if you involved in any organisation like CAGE, Forces, F2C 
etc then add that too, and if you know any others who will be interested 
please pass it on to them and ask them to do the same. Once your name is 
added, email it back to me and I'll put each name on the same document. 
Alternatively to signing, just email me back with your name and relevant 
description next to it and i will add it to the letter. This is a matter 
of urgency as I want to send it out during the week. 

If you find any errors in the letter, let me know and I'll amend it. 


If anyone out there is interested in reading and or signing the letter please contact Richard White at his site  .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Smokers are destroying the planet ... apparently

Smokers are destroying the planet ... apparently

Yes there we go.

I was waiting for what was going to make me mad enough to write again.

Here it is a story so unbelievable that I will say no more.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So What Does That Have To Do With This?

I'm noticing a theme when I look at the things I care about.

Seems like I keep reading the same types of stories over and over again,just change one word and you can see what happens when entities, charities and governments decides a plant is what is wrong with the world.

ICSDP REPORT: US Government Data on Cannabis Prohibition Video

Tobacco Smuggling Detracts From Law Enforcement

The High Cost Of Cheap Smokes

If contraband is, indeed, playing a role in the smoking problem, what to do about it is still a matter of debate. Convenience stores and the major tobacco companies, backed by the conservative Fraser Institute think-tank and other analysts, have pushed for a reduction in taxes, which they say would largely remove the market for cheaper, unlicensed cigarettes.
Health groups reject the tax-cut idea, stressing that the high prices resulting from taxation are a major barrier to smoking, and lowering the levies would only restore market share to sanctioned cigarettes, not address stalled anti-smoking efforts.

Do Anti Smoking Programs Work To Reduce Smoking?
Statistical analysis that I've conducted shows that there is a very tenuous link between cigarette sales and state anti-tobacco spending. At best, spending large amounts of money on anti-tobacco programs seems to produce a trivial drop in cigarette sales — less than a pack a year per capita. States would be better advised to put these resources toward other public health policies that produce larger results.

What are they spending all our tax money on again?
Effective programs to stop illicit activities?

Or just another waste of money that does nothing that anyone could call helpful?
Watch where the money goes.

Seems like more is spent making criminals out of honest people than is spent really trying to help the less fortunate.

Monday, October 4, 2010

End Game

End Game

A F r a m e w o r k f o r I m p l e m e n t a t i o n A p p e n d i x B

End Game.

It's not a word that means much to most people,unless you smoke or use smokeless tobacco or hell enjoy a cigar or a pipe occasionally.

Maybe you like some Swedish snus on occasion,maybe you just use an electronic cigarette.

Maybe the words end game mean nothing to you at all,but they should.

End Game is the plan to end nicotine use unless under regulatory schemes.

It's tobacco control's best idea,a way to take everything away from all of us.

I just vape and use snus,but to these people I am no different than someone who smokes or smokes cigarettes or a  pipe or cigars.

I hope we can get past the us versus them bullshit I keep seeing because eventually all of us who use nicotine in any form will be needed to try and stem the tide of tobacco control's success.

Comprehensive Long Term Nicotine Policy

I should clarify that not all tobacco control people are this draconian but some of them are and their plans are clearly spelled out