Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ranting About The Framework

YouTube - Legislation Against the Tobacco Industry

Makes me wonder when the WHO is finally going to be done.

Do they not see that the things they do affect everyone?
Farmers,elderly people,parents, children?

Every lie costs someone something,not tobacco control of course but it costs everyone else something.

Children are afraid their parents will die in agony and horrific pain,elderly people afraid they will be thrown out of their homes,farmers in the third world afraid they will no longer be able to make a living.

I wonder how many jobs have been lost since so many contries ratified the WHO's framework for Tobacco Control.

Not just jobs lost to smoking bans but jobs lost to the WHO Framework ,I bet the statistics on that would be amazing reading.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Survey reveals doubts over Turkey's smoking ban

Survey reveals doubts over Turkey's smoking ban -

Well there you have it in black and white.
Anything and everything you have heard before about how smoking bans damage economic well being.

It says something when people report that 64 % of non smokers believe that smoking should be allowed in public places.
That is a big percentage of people.

I am so happy to read stories like this,they give me hope even when there is so little of it these days.