Monday, February 6, 2012

Sugar Nannies : The Observation Post

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It wasn't enough to demonize tobacco usage and users, second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke have also become culprits. Although tobacco is still considered a legal substance, it has become regulated by the government and taxed beyond belief. One point that has been made in regards to the war on tobacco is that if we permit invasive intrusions and controls on one substance like tobacco, what will be next? So far “next” has been salt and trans-fats, and with this current administration there have been actions on school lunch menus in some areas with obesity being the big demon to conquer.

I liked this.
As far as I am concerned this person gets it.
Hard to explain what it is but if you have lived long enough you have seen "it" happen.
I hope one day I wake up and find all this has been nothing but a bad dream.