Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Follow the Money and give yourself a migraine and a revelation AKA The failure of the sin tax

Read the entire thing.

It's enlightening. If you follow the money (it will give you migraines lol) you can see why the governments around the  U.S. are enacting such insane legislation.

The taxation rates,the demonizing,the shunning all of those contribute to people going another way.

 Some grow and harvest their own,some vape and some very smart people roll their own.

This is the monster striking out at people for starving the beast.
It looks like it's only going to get worse for these governments.
Tax too much,shun too much,enact too much legislation against people and they will rebel,some through black market tobacco,some through vaping and some through quitting smoking just to spite you.

A smart person will not pay anyone to abuse them,why the governments expect to be exempt from that simple fact is beyond me.

I don't enjoy watching cities and countries falter and not be able to pay their bills but in truth by following the anti-tobacco blueprint they have helped to sign their own death warrant.

The money won't last forever and if you keep robbing the same group of people over and over again they will wise up and walk away.

Put people out of the society they used to share and they will abandon it and learn to live a different way.

Persecute smokers and drinkers at your own peril.

They might not run America but their sin tax dollars make America run.

Don't pay these bastards to persecute you,starve the beast.

Starve the beast

"Moody’s predicts that the accelerating rate of decline in cigarette shipments will cause Gross’s Buckeye debt to default. From 65 percent to 80 percent of tobacco securities may fail to pay principal on time as demand for cigarettes falls short of assumptions, the company says.

The ratings firm ranks the bonds due in June 2047 at B3, six levels below investment grade. The Total Return Fund is also the biggest owner of tobacco debt from West Virginia maturing in 33 years, with a $155 million stake, Bloomberg data show. The securities have a B2 rating from Moody’s, which includes them among bonds that will probably default.

The default likelihood stems from rosy projections for cigarette shipments, which have declined each year since 2007. Tax increases at the federal, state and local level and e-cigarettes have contributed to depress demand."