Monday, October 8, 2012


Twenty year-old student jumps to death over a cigarette

This message has got 80 reactions from grieving friends since then. The reason for such a drastic step was a cigarette, which his teacher found with Mangtani and notified the issue to his father.

I don't have anything as nice as this here but I keep stumbling onto your stories,the young people who die,the women who try to kill themselves with fire,the old people who freeze to death.

I have no nice place to inter your memories or your names,but all of your stories break my heart,they make me cry and they make me furious.

The make me determined to keep on doing what I can to fight the prejudice caused by men of "science".

One day I hope we can get back to a society where people  are once again people and not treated as criminals  and lowlives for a choice they made.

I'm sorry Mangtani and I'll remember your story.