Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because I Can,Because You Should

Good bloggers talk about why you need to sign the petition to review smoking ban in the U.K.

I read all of these.
(To clarify I read all of these blogs on a daily basis)
Sign the petition,even if nothing comes from it you can't say you saw an opportunity to try and affect some sort of change and let it pass you by.
There's a link to the petition in my sidebar.

Victims of Smoking Ban Cut Off Politicians

Victims of Smoking Ban Cut Off Politicians [Michigan Capitol Confidential]:

"“We'll let the top officials in to symbolize how the ban hurts the little guys but not big guys,” Mace explained. “That would be consistent with smoking ban"

I am really proud of these guys,they are really trying to take a stand on this.
Everyone who cares about something should do the same before they mistake our quiet acceptance as agreement.