Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tiny Bites

The Barnacles of Smoking, Alcohol and Cyber-Snooping

It seems a small step, but it’s definitely going in the right direction, and may just be the first sign of a long-overdue “Smoking Spring”. Huge congratulations and thanks to Angela Harbutt and the HOOPS team.

Derisory and distasteful to threaten smokers with blindness

They would therefore be surprised to learn that in reality smokers have a high 90s% chance of not getting cancer.
They go on to claim, "at any time (ie. imminently) smoker's cough (a myth in itself) can become lung cancer".
Well why shouldn't we believe the claims of the anti-smokers?
There are many reasons but to take just one, the highly respected British Doctor Study ran for 50 years and repeatedly reported that over 20 years of active smoking did no harm.
These findings are not disputed and bizarrely, even Prof Chapman once admitted this in an obscure corner of his otherwise virulently anti-smoking website.
Is there some way for us snusers in Sweden and in the EU to help and fight for Swedish snus?
The only thing we can do right now is to inform people what’s going on behind the curtains, cause one day we might stand there with a ban on snus and then it will be too late. 
While the plants were ostensibly grown to provide “shade” in a sunny front window, Chesney was really trying to do something else.
“I proved my point,” he said.
That point, said Chesney, is “that the laws are stagnant and designed by people out of touch with reality.”
Chesney, who hails from Dresden, Ont., but has been living in Nelson for two years, isn’t a smoker but he defends the rights of those who choose to light up.
In fact, his ambition is to eventually market a less-harmful cigarette.
“It’s close to my heart,” said Chesney of tobacco. “I appreciate the sacredness of it.”
In fact, he said the tobacco plants he was ordered to remove from his window were an ancient strain of the plant, which had strong cultural implications in some settings.