Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Food

I mentioned before that I work in retail.
I just never mentioned what sort of retail,oddly enough I work in the food industry.

It's not exciting or glamorous and definitely not fun,but being on the inside of the food industry even on the retail level means you get to see you know trends and how things will start to be in the future.

It wasn't too far back that I can remember the schools here started a policy of no junk allowed in kids lunches they could take a fruit snack in their lunch and  vegetable (but not potato) chips.
A complete meal was a grain,a meat,a dairy and fruit and or vegetable.

We never heard about the sorts of things you see so commonly now where teachers had to check kid lunches.

That's disturbing......

But other things I remember that didn't seem to mean too much at the time have started making so much more sense now that I step back from it and truly look at it objectively.

I did notice that in the last few years Coke and then pepsi came out with their cute mini 8 pack cans.

I remember being sort of shocked last year when people tried blaming obesity on breakfast cereals.

Of course there was the soda hoopla not too long ago.

Which makes me wonder of course if back in the beginning if you looked closely enough if you could see patterns emerging in the war on tobacco.

I'm sure looking back it was sort of evident but who ever would have believed it would have gone as far as it has?

Certainly not the "obese" people.

Because there is no"slippery slope" right?

And you know the Anti Food crowd and the Anti Tobacco crowd don't learn from one another....