Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mental Health, Smoking and Greed (A Real Blogger Writes)

Elizabeth has written a fine blog post and I am proud to have read it.
I love it,go to her blog,read it now.
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UP IN ASH: Where Taunton stands as the state stamps out anti-tobacco funding

UP IN ASH: Where Taunton stands as the state stamps out anti-tobacco funding - Taunton, MA - The Taunton Gazette

The legislation has not advanced since a committee hearing in May.
Keithly hopes to see at least some funding restored as Massachusetts recovers from the recession.
“I think we’re a very good investment,” she said. “I’m optimistic that when the commonwealth is not under such financial stress that funds will be available again for efforts that promote tobacco cessation and that are geared from stopping young people from starting (to smoke).”

Ahh well austerity is hard on everyone.
I imagine the funding will shift to obesity programs if it isn't cut entirely.

Freedom vs. public health

Freedom VS. Public Health

As tragic as the 50,000 number seems, in comparison to overall deaths, it is a drop in the bucket. The 600,000 secondhand smoke-related deaths worldwide feels large - until you realize it accounts for only 1 percent of all annual deaths.

The results of the Smoke Free Horry crusade will help us determine if a majority of the public and elected officials in a conservative district in a conservative state believe that protecting a certain, personal harmful freedom - in the name of protecting freedom in general - is more important than a collective good.

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