Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Australian Audio Debate Do We Need A Nanny State?

I spent about 48 minutes listening to this debate which starts out with every anti-smoker's friend Simon Chapman.

I don't know what depresses me more the fact that this is how I am reduced to spending my New Year's eve or the fact that this debate was even held.

It's really something.

Worth a listen IMO.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Today’s villain was once a holiday hero

Today’s villain was once a holiday hero |

For a 100 years, maybe 200, my Owen County family relied on growing tobacco for their economic health. Of course, they did not know how unhealthy smoking was for their bodies, but even understanding that as I do now, I am stunned that within a handful of years, six bent barns have come to stand empty.  Fertile fields lie fallow. And the mammoth tobacco auction warehouses that once dominated towns like Carrollton, Cynthiana, and Lexington have become, like dinosaurs, extinct overnight.

Just thought this was interesting.
You hear so little about tobacco farming or the people who grow tobacco anymore..............

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Third-hand threats: Nicotine and nitrosamines found in dust in homes of smokers and non-smokers :: Gas Chromatography :: GC, GCxGC, GC-MS and other hyphenated gas-based separations:

More than 60 organo-nitrogen compounds were detected in the chromatograms and were identified from their retention times. The excellent resolution afforded by the combination of the two columns ensured very little overlap with only two compounds, N-nitrosopyrrolidine and N-nitrosomorpholine, quantified together due to their similar retention times.
All 15 target compounds were detected in some of the dust samples. The total average levels of the compounds in dust from smoking homes were about three-fold higher than those from non-smoking homes at 26.3 and 9.6 µg/g, respectively.
Nicotine was the most abundant compound by far in smoking home dust and one of the more abundant in non-smoker dust, where the major compound was N-nitrosodiphenylamine. Other abundant volatile nitrosamines were N-nitrosomethylethylamine and N-nitrosodiethylamine.

Oh good a paper to use against us.
And by us I mean all of us.
And something in my mind which might not be obvious to everyone but perhaps it should be nicotine being the major containment this paper talks about,it's bound to be found in the homes of people who vape (if they use nicotine) as well as people who smoke.
If I were a person who vaped and were a person who held myself up to society as being a non smoker I'd do well to think again because a Cotinine Test and this new testing won't care if you vape or smoke the end result will still be the same.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

(Bhutan) revisit the tobacco act - forget majority rights - respect the constitution | From the Readers

kuenselonline revisit the tobacco act - forget majority rights - respect the constitution | From the Readers | » Forums:

The other thing that turns me off is the repeated justification that smoking goes against Buddhism. Firstly, let's not mix religion with politics, even if Buddhism is the state religion. That is one of the important principles of a democracy. Secondly, let's not pick and choose. Tobacco but not doma? (Don't you just find it rich when you hear these admonishments to smokers coming out of the doma-stained/thick-tongued mouths of our Gups?) Tobacco but not meat eating? Tobacco but not alcohol? How about doing a thorough audit on what exactly Lord Buddha said and going the whole hog? I'm saying let's not fiddle with the words of Lord Buddha and apply it across the board as it should be on doma, drugs, alcohol, snuff, hooch, singchang, bangchang, ara, tongba, bhang and the rest of that big happy family. Isn't that what they should do if they really believed in what the Buddha said? If they're just being hypocritical, well then that's another matter as I'm sure some of our meat-devouring, doma-grinding  MPs (and at least one alcoholic among them) will be relieved to agree. (That they're hypocrites, that is.)
The fact is that all the laws in Bhutan are rather amateurishly written and I'm sure would be riddled with loopholes visible to any savvy lawyer from a mile away. So why all this fuss over this law and not others? The answer is simple – how many of the other amateurishly written laws have landed so many people in jail so quickly? The protagonists of this clearly muddled Act got good feedback through a fierce public outcry. Let's hope some lessons in proper legislation have been learned.
Nah….probably not.

A forum post,I'm having a hard time finding much news coverage about the supposed revisiting of the tobacco control law but from this post it isn't looking good. :(

Monday, December 5, 2011

Consumers To Get The Picture On The Dangers of Cigarettes (And Who Knows What Else?)

CHARLEYWORLD: Consumers To Get The Picture On The Dangers of Cigarettes (And Who Knows What Else?) | Hawaii Reporter:

“Marlboros,” I said to the old man behind the counter.
“What kine?” he said. “Da one wit’ da black, seeping lungs or da buggah who stay smoking through da hole in his neck?”
“The ‘Lites’,” I said. “The pack with the dead dude on it.”
The old man checked my ID, which was weird since I’m 84 years old, before forking over the pack of coffin nails appropriately decorated with a photo of some zombie in a coffin complete with coffin nails.
I lit my first cigarette of the day on the sidewalk, shielding it against the rain and sucked in a nice lungful of restorative smoke. Ah. Now all I needed was a cup of java.
I climbed into a taxi, coughing through a dense cloud of muffler exhaust. Man, I thought, they ought to put a picture of a dead guy on the side of cabs. 

A day in the life after the health nazi's get their way.
Entertaining and funny,but also sad .

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Smoker's Lament

A Smoker's Lament
 At my fitness center, the back row of stationary bikes had ash trays clamped to the handle bars; you could work off the corpulence and enjoy a good smoke at the same time.
 Then someone cried havoc and unleashed the dogs of war on us smokers.Smoking was even banned at beaches, for Pete's sake.
Beaches?Did you ever hear of a careless smoker accidentally burning down a beach?

I really liked this,so much of it was true.
But it was also sort of humorous,I can't figure out why the author did that,if I had the opportunity to speak out about bans I'd be venting my spleen.