Saturday, September 8, 2012

This Has Got To Stop

                           Nagpur: Caught smoking, student commits suicide

Unable to come to terms with the scolding he got from parents and teachers for smoking, a 17-year-old school boy committed suicide in Nagpur on Thursday.

According to information available, Akshay Lokhande (17), a student of Std XII at Dinanath High School and Junior College, was caught smoking along with his friends by his college lecturer Anjali Vadatkar, on the school premises on Tuesday.

She immediately informed the principal about it.
Principal Bhavani Sen, Vadatkar and another lecturer Roshan Nasre scolded him and summoned Akshay’s parents.
His mother, Julie rushed to the school and reprimanded Akshay when the teachers narrated her the entire story.
The same day, Vadatkar was intercepted by a group of masked boys, reportedly Akshay friends when she was heading home.

I'm sorry Akshay.
This is to some people just a news story another smoker dead,but to me the fanatics of tobacco control have more than their share of blood on their hands.