Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Legislative History of Mitch Greenlicks

This just seems relevent

Press Release Mitch Greelicks March 31,2009

Nicotine has proven to be a tremendously addictive substance, and Greenlick argued that the Legislature 
should take the same actions for nicotine that it did for pseudoephedrine, a main ingredient in the 
production of methamphetamine, in 2005.  “Four years ago, the Legislature took pseudoephedrine off the shelves, and as a result the production of meth in Oregon dramatically declined,” he said.  “We need a similar policy to effectively combat the addictive properties of nicotine, because it will take bold steps to curb tobacco use and the deaths it causes.”  
Greenlick also referenced his long career as a health researcher to show the damaging effects of nicotine beyond dependence.  “Nicotine is a harmful substance that raises blood pressure and constricts arteries, and it only takes a 40mg dose to kill a human,” he said.

Greenlick's hunt for 31st vote on health bill February 9,2010

"I'm at 30 Ds right now," said Greenlick, who acknowledged that some of his Democratic colleagues are worried about the practical effect of putting the right to health care in the state  Constitution.  Republicans, meanwhile, have locked up against the measure, saying they don't want to burden the taxpayers with paying for a massive new entitlement.

Mitch Greenlick's bill to ban kids in bike trailers is still buzzing January 2011

State Rep. Mitch Greenlick, whose district spans Northwest Portland and Washington County communities north of U.S. 26, continues to create a stir with his proposal to ban children younger than 6 from riding in bike trailers or on the back of adult bikes.

Here's the dirt: Senate votes down bill to make Jory soil the official soil of Oregon May 19,2011

Greenlick, who has a reputation for prickliness, was indeed not amused.

"I feel very badly about it," he said.  "They made a joke out of something that is very serious to a lot of people in the state."

Greenlick said that, although being an urban legislator, he became interested in Jory soils because a friend of his is a descendant of the pioneer family for which the soil is named.

He said Jory soil was included in a Smithsonian Institution exhibit of unique state soils and should be treated as the iconic soil that it is.  This is the third session in a row he's tried to officially recognize Jory soil - and the second in which he's got the bill through the House only to see it fail in the Senate.
So will there be consequences if his Jory soil bill fails on Monday?

Greenlick, who has several Senate bills still pending in his health committee, paused before answering. 
"For every action," he finally added, "there is a reaction.  It's the law of physics."

'Nanny' bills pile up at Oregon Legislature March 19,2011

The most prolific writer of such bills this year is probably Rep. Mitch Greenlick, a Portland Democrat and former health researcher. Among his bills are ones that would make it illegal to carry a child in a bike trailer, require a prescription to smoke cigarettes or cigars, and add a special tax on soda pop to discourage its consumption. 

Greenlick makes no apologies. These things are unhealthy, he says, and should be stopped. 

"Nanny bills are bills you don't like," he says, brushing off criticism that he's becoming the Mary Poppins of Oregon. "I think we're within our rights and our obligation to protect our citizens." 

People react negatively because the bills make them uncomfortable, raising questions about their choices or their ability as parents. And so they should, Greenlick says

Oregon Bill Would Essentially Ban Cigarettes January 24,2013

Rep. Mitch Greenlick, from Portland, is sponsoring a bill that makes cigarettes a Schedule III controlled substance, meaning it would be illegal to possess or distribute cigarettes without a doctor's prescription.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tobacco Tid Bits (World Edition)

The federal government Wednesday entered a dispute between Native American tribes by raiding a Seneca Falls service station operated by the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma.

Activists protest ‘hidden cigarette ads’ on TV show

The petitioners said that the presentation of the residents smoking in the Big Brother house is evidently deliberate. and may constitute hidden and indirect advertising of cigarettes. The Second Channel Authority was asked to request from Keshet all the contracts it signed with the producers and the promoters of the international “Big Brother” concept. so it could be determined whether smoking was listed as one of the components of the show. The authority was also required to obtain and publish the criteria according to which participants are selected.

Duma Sets Maximum Fine for Smoking in Public

"Understandably, smoking a cigarette outside of the smoking area in a restaurant is one thing, while, say, smoking in the hallway of a kindergarten, clinic or at a gas station is entirely different," said Sergei Zheleznyak, a United Russia deputy and head of the Duma's Committee on Health Protection.

Smoking ban called for in Italy when smog levels high

 "We call on mayors across the country to prohibit smoking when smog limits are surpassed," said Codacons in a statement. The group was responding to a report on smog levels in Italy, which it says are dangerously high in many cities. "Citizens can ask for 2,000 euros in damages," said the group, which offered instructions on its website. 

Pro-Tobacco Groups to File Judicial Review Against New Regulation

Putu Oka, the chairman of the Bali chapter of the APTI, said that farmers usually prepare seeds for planting in March, but this year they can’t because they don’t know how many seeds to prepare. 

“There are more than 800 hectares of land in Bali already projected for use as productive tobacco land,” Oka said. 

The tobacco industry, he added, was still observing what the impact of the government regulation would be on the market and whether it would reduce demand or not. 

Academy Keeps Tobacco Scientist Aboard

Xie was elected as a member of the prestigious academy in 2011, but his membership has been questioned by anti-smoking activists and health experts. 

Anti-smoking campaigners say Xie was famous for his studies in refining low-tar cigarettes, which are as harmful as regular cigarettes.

Smoking laws will cost State millions

The lobby group estimates the legislation would result in an additional tax loss to the State of €250m per year, on top of the €570m that is being lost to the illegal tobacco trade, bringing the total loss to €820m per year. 

Smoking in movies: Beware, beware, no one cares

The non-logic behind this move is presumably the hope that a 20-second bhashan will undo the evil effects of watching movie stars looking uber-cool while they blow sexy smoke circles in the air. So the next time we see Kareena smoking on screen, we won’t just be subjected to the running statutory warning each time she lights up — which was 30 percent of Heroine — but also her husky voiceover telling us to do as she says, not as she does.
Doesn’t that make you want to quit? Like right now?
“I didn’t know about the new bans,” self-employed 35-year-old Loh Puay Meng said at a Woodlands void deck. The new areas have been included as part of an extension of the existing smoking ban, which already covered places such as playgrounds. Smokers are now also banned from lighting up on overhead pedestrian bridges, in outdoor compounds at hospitals or within 5m of bus stops.
Eileen Yap, an assistant manager at the NEA’s central regional office, acknowledged that many members of the public were not yet aware of the new rules.
“The beautiful main entrance has become a particular problem area with a large number of smokers congregating and at times it has been difficult to keep the area clean.
“We accept this has caused problems for neighbouring residential areas and are working with unions to see what actions can be taken to alleviate this.
“We enforce a blanket ban on staff smoking on our property and staff will not be allowed to use the shelters.”
Stoke-on-Trent City Council is expected to rule on the planning application in the middle of February.
Greenlick wants adults to require doctor’s permission to obtain tobacco by making it a controlled substance (HB 2077). Imagine how long the lines at the local pharmacy will be and how long seniors will have to wait in these lines to get their life preserving medicine because Greenlick’s law will explode prescription requirements and turn our pharmacies into something like an old-style Russian bread line. Then of course he wants to tax tobacco with additional higher taxes (HB 2275) so as to punish any doctor who dares write a permission slip.