Monday, October 4, 2010

End Game

End Game

A F r a m e w o r k f o r I m p l e m e n t a t i o n A p p e n d i x B

End Game.

It's not a word that means much to most people,unless you smoke or use smokeless tobacco or hell enjoy a cigar or a pipe occasionally.

Maybe you like some Swedish snus on occasion,maybe you just use an electronic cigarette.

Maybe the words end game mean nothing to you at all,but they should.

End Game is the plan to end nicotine use unless under regulatory schemes.

It's tobacco control's best idea,a way to take everything away from all of us.

I just vape and use snus,but to these people I am no different than someone who smokes or smokes cigarettes or a  pipe or cigars.

I hope we can get past the us versus them bullshit I keep seeing because eventually all of us who use nicotine in any form will be needed to try and stem the tide of tobacco control's success.

Comprehensive Long Term Nicotine Policy

I should clarify that not all tobacco control people are this draconian but some of them are and their plans are clearly spelled out