Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Update From Richard White

From Richard White ............................................
Hi guys,

I just got off the phone to Liz and her husband, unfortunately Philipina 
moved out today but on the plus side the family are just settling her 
into a new home where she's allowed to smoke, so all's well that ends 
well i guess - better there than the nazis eh?

Anyway, regarding the plans to send her the e-cig, Liz was really 
grateful for that and has provided me the new address, i'm sure you can 
understand that i won't be printing it online because it's direct to her 
apartment, so (Kate in particular!) if there are any updates or news 
regarding getting her one, can the person contact me directly and i'll 
sort the address out?

Liz was also grateful for the petition itself and found it bizarre that 
the story was in papers in various provinces - so you can imagine the 
reaction when i told her about all the blogs and multi-national 
signatories! I'm still going to email the petition though, perhaps with 
an extra note notifying them that we're aware of the move but we still 
have a voice. They still need to be made aware that their actions aren't 
tolerable, so i'll just email it over tomorrow (Michael, if you have any 
more names since i emailed it to you please send it back and i'll add 
them to the new ones i got). (Martin, as you asked earlier, i'm 
currently at 80 names, not bad for 3 days i reckon)

Now, i've only emailed the 4 of you because the whole thing went so damn 
out of control that i couldn't possibly email everyone who contacted me. 
So if you could all do what you did before on blogs, groups, emails and 
whatever magic you unleashed, but this time mentioning that it's now 
closed and my inbox can stop being pounded hopefully.

If you do manage to do that, please put a huge thankyou from me, i 
didn't expect it to get so much attention, there's still a lot of caring 
people around and it should give us a lot more hope and determination 
that our fight isn't a lost cause. And also tell everyone to give 
themselves a pat on the back for the hard work, everyone pulled together 
really well and although we didn't get her to keep her home, we still 
united for a good cause so there's nothing to stop us going from 
strength to strength from here.

Cheers everyone

Author of Smoke Screens: The Truth About Tobacco
Thanks to Kate from Vaper's Network for sending this to me,and thank you to the 
Austrian Smokers Movement  for reminding me that I have a blog and should use it.