Monday, September 5, 2011

Tobacco ban tramples on student rights | University Star

Tobacco ban tramples on student rights | University Star:

The blatant violation of civil liberties is not the only issue with this ban. Texas carbon dioxide emissions are the highest in the nation, said Professor Decker, and if the true motive for this policy is to improve the health of the university community, there are bigger fish to fry than an individual smoking a cigarette. This ban represents the desires of university officials, not the students, even with the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.
Too many of us are unwilling to get our feet wet for fear of a backlash, but until we stand together, this pattern of control will not end with tobacco. This ban is unacceptable and impractical. Smokers will continue to use tobacco on campus. To those standing in the way of my civil liberties, catch me if you can, but don’t bat an eye when I scream and kick for the rights of my fellow tobacco users. 
Well written.
Makes me proud to see that somewhere there are people who think that society doesn't need to be divided up into smoker/non-smoker to have an arrangement that works for everyone.