Saturday, October 1, 2011

Court officials look askance at BNCA circular (Bhutan)

Court officials look askance at BNCA circular - Kuensel Online:

Now, having to escort the confiscated products would be an additional expenditure to the government, as some courts have only 32 to 40 packets of chewing (baba) tobacco. “The government will have to bear the travel allowance of driver, staff and also fuel allowance from many courts,” he said. “If BNCA did a round, it will cut costs.”
BNCA’s executive director Kinley Dorji said the circular was in accordance with section 46 of the Tobacco Act that mandates a proper disposal of the seized products. “We’ve asked the court officials to reach the products individually to prevent the products from being lost on the way,” he said. “We can’t dispose it anywhere we like, or burn it, because of environmental issues. So we need to dispose it properly,” he said.
One judge pointed out that, instead of burning it, BNCA could take it to the border towns and auction it.

Ahh the costs of enforcing a total Prohibition are sitting hard on our good friends in Bhutan.
You know these things never seem to occur to politicians and governments when they implement these sorts of things and yet here it is in black and white.

Hernando School Board may adopt comprehensive smoking ban - St. Petersburg Times

Hernando School Board may adopt comprehensive smoking ban - St. Petersburg Times:

"The main reason, Clifford said, is to set a good example for students. Told of the proposal to go completely tobacco free, Clifford was supportive, although with a reservation.

"I think that would be hard to enforce because I'm not going to be walking in the parking lot to see if my staff members are smoking in their cars," he said. "I need to be in the classrooms.""

Ahh America land if the free and home of the brave.
We must protect the children,they can never see or smell smoke,but pollution is fine.
This is just more frustrating every time I read the news.

The only sort of solace I have is knowing at some point this has to stop if for no other reason then it is no longer cost effective to punish over 14% of the population for using a legal product.

I see we're not there quite yet though.