Friday, September 9, 2011

Gallagher wants to 'light up' in public

Gallagher wants to 'light up' in public - NewsChannel 9 WSYR:

Rocker Noel Gallagher has called on British authorities to axe the country's ban on smoking in public places.
Politicians in the former Oasis star's native England outlawed smoking in public places in 2007, and bars and gig venues now have outdoor zones where customers can puff cigarettes.
But Gallagher is urging the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to overturn the ban.

Nice,at least the man is famous.
Famous people's words usually carry at least some weight,
Too bad no one has been paying attention to other similar efforts.

FDA says judge shouldn't stop cigarette warnings

The Associated Press: FDA says judge shouldn't stop cigarette warnings:

In response, the FDA said Friday that the public interest in conveying the dangers of smoking outweighs the companies' free speech rights. And it said the financial costs to the companies of switching to incorporate the new graphics equals about one-tenth of their annual net sales, which the FDA said is not sufficient to justify the injunction.
Well if it's about health then it's o.k. to expose people to some of the most disgusting warning labels ever.
Can't wait to see pictures of clogged arteries on stuff I buy at the grocery store next.

Supplements: A battle over regulating vitamins and energy drinks

Supplements: A battle over regulating vitamins and energy drinks -

"People want to have some modicum of autonomy when it comes to the question of what they can put into their body and what they can do for their own health," said attorney Marc Ullman, chairman of the legal advisory council for the Natural Products Foundation. "They really resent intervention by the nanny state and want to be allowed to make judgments for themselves."

I knew this was coming too.
Oh it's not all done yet,but I never assume the best anymore.Life has taught me better than that.
I wonder why this always seems to happen when we have so many liberal's in positions of political power.
When you go from one form of government to another do you suddenly lose the ability to think and decide for yourself?
Right now I'm only talking about America,but this issue is much,much bigger than  that.