Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oscar Wilde and Motivating Vapers and Cigar Smokers

I'm not sure how to make you care,how to make you understand what this is.

What will resonate with people?

Should I talk about this being our last stand?

Should I tell you that disinterest and ennui will destroy  everything we hold dear?

Should I tell you a lack of activity will doom us to being a black market activity?

Something made illegal by the partnership between large corporate interests and our regulatory agencies?

Should I mention that we stand together or we fall as one?

I'm not a good motivator.I never have been I am a just the facts kind of person.

If I were a television character I'd be Joe Friday.

The facts are you have one chance to step up and do something and so many are letting it slip through their fingers and I don't know why.

By the time this goes live on my blog we will have 3 days. Three days.

It sounds like an eternity.

It is anything but an eternity.

Why does this make more people to respond than anything I can manage with words?

Why when it means the things you love could be taken away in a matter of 24 months if not sooner does it mean that no one cares?

How is it a comedian can make people care more than the people trying to lead the way?

And it's not just vapers this time...........

Last Call

Stop posting pictures of what cigar you smoked or are smoking.  Because if you don’t get busy your cigar days will soon be gone.  We are in the last hours to submit comments to the FDA on its deeming proposal that would bring cigars under its control.  To date, the FDA website shows only 66,000+ comments on the proposed rule.  Now considering not only cigars would come under the FDA, but so too would e-cigs, which don’t even contain tobacco nor emit smoke, and there are by estimates millions of e-cig users, that comment number is pathetic.  To give you an idea, when the Federal Communications Commission called for comments on the so-called net neutrality issue, there were more than a million comments.  Of those 66,000 you can bet many are from the anti side, although the Sunlight Foundation says as of July 18 slightly more than half come from our side.  But then again another 11,000 comments have come in since that report. We still have to do better.

When even the cigar rights people think vapers have done a shit job  I'm going to say we have done a terrible job in rallying the troops.

How the hell do we fix that?

Some people tried showing people how to comment

But it doesn't have the punch of that Net Neutrality video now does it?

And that makes me wonder if deep down we're all o.k. with being told what to do.

We as a society must be if we have to get a comedian to tell us to be politically active.

Or it speaks to the great truth of society 

"If you want to tell people the truth make them laugh,otherwise they'll kill you." Oscar Wilde

Perhaps Wilde got that wrong though it seems more like if you want to motivate people you have to make them laugh or they'll ignore you.

Any comedians want to try and motivate vapers or cigar smokers?