Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Far Is Too Far?

Nicotine may be classified as performance-enhancing drug - More Sports -

"WADA and sport federations should evaluate the inclusion of nicotine to the Prohibited List or/and Monitoring Program," the Lausanne lab reported after a year-long study published by the Forensic Science International journal.
The performance-enhancing effects of nicotine included increased "vigilance and cognitive function," and reduced stress and body weight.
"Interestingly, nicotine also triggers a significant increase of pulse rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and epinephrine release owing to simultaneous stimulant and relaxant properties," the report said.
"Smokeless tobacco is a very attractive drug from a doping perspective," researchers suggested, because it did not damage an athlete's breathing and respiratory system.

As much as this sickens me and believe me it does sicken me,there are far worse stories I read every single day.
For some reason this beings to mind something I read last week,it's relevant enough that I feel justified in linking it  here.
The second article I linked is all about The World Anti Doping Agency and the steps they can and do take to ensure that professional athletes aren't using anything to enhance their performance.
This all seems like it's going too far.
Once the WADA gets around to adding nicotine to their list professional athletes are going to have a harder time than they already do.

Resistance brewing to Ontario schools' caffeine cutbacks

Resistance brewing to Ontario schools' caffeine cutbacks - The Globe and Mail:
 With its new policy, Ontario has joined several other provinces that have taken a hard line against caffeine, either by banning it or putting strict limits on what can be sold on school property, in the cafeteria or at fundraisers. In British Columbia, a 15-mg-per-serving limit on caffeine means that chocolate milk barely avoids being culinary contraband, and students in Nova Scotia can buy only milk, 100-per-cent juice and water at school.

Honestly I have nothing to say.Just seems like another way society is going overboard protecting the children.
Not really on the same subject but it somehow seemed related in my brain.
Besides after reading that story I could use a laugh.