Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alberta enacts toughest distracted driving law in North America

Alberta enacts toughest distracted driving law in North America | Daily Brew - Yahoo! News:

The law also bans eating, teeth brushing, shaving, hair combing, writing, sketching or applying makeup - all activities one would consider a distraction. But reading email in parking lots or calling home while parked in a drive-through would still constitute distracted driving in Alberta, and would even apply to bike couriers.
National Post blogger Jesse Kline doesn't agree with Alberta's late ride to the distracted driver saloon, arguing science deflates the theory bans on cellphone use decrease crashes.
"It doesn't matter that the law won't actually make the roads safer. Governments don't need a problem to exist, in order to try and fix it."

I love it when someoene writes something so smart I don't feel like doing anything but linking the story.
This is one of those happy times.

Restaurants fear smoking ban

Restaurants fear smoking ban - Business - The Prague Post:
 In Hungary, which is poised to implement a smoking ban in 2012, the Tax and Excise Office released a report saying the ban would reduce state budget revenues 118.6 million euros the first year of implementation, as well as cause a loss in excise taxes revenues from cigarettes and alcohol of 2.2 million euros. The loss of VAT from cigarette sales was expected to be between 18 million and 31 million euros.

Cold,hard facts. Sometimes they're the best kind.
They sure do put things into perspective.

Godfrey Bloom: Hull no smoking scheme 'waste of money'

BBC News - Godfrey Bloom: Hull no smoking scheme 'waste of money':

An MEP has called for Hull's anti-smoking campaign to be dropped, claiming it is a "waste of money".
Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP member for Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, said the initiative was not working and the money could be better spent.
A recent report showed levels of smoking in the city had risen over the last few years.

Once again a story too good not to share.

I have doubts that this will make much difference,but it is sort of heartwarming to know somewhere there is a politican exhibiting some common sense.

:) Reading it made me happy,that's rare enough.