Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smokers need not apply, but the stupid should feel free

Smokers need not apply, but the stupid should feel free:

"Geisinger Health System, based in Danville, joined two other Pennsylvania health systems that won't hire tobacco users. The company said it would begin testing new hires for use of cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, nicotine patches and gum as part of its pre-employment physical process on Feb. 1."
At the same time, however, the government is making sure that the stupid can get a job as long as they claim a disability. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is deciding whether employers should be allowed to list a high school diploma as a requirement for employment because it might violate the Americans with Diasbilities act. Lawyers advising employers are warning that the government might decide to come after companies requiring a high school diploma. "Employers are wise to evaluate whether a high school diploma really is necessary to perform the essential functions of any job for which it is being required,” the Employer Law Report advised in a blog post by Lisa Whittaker, a lawyer with the Porter Wright firm, which has represented business clients for more than 150 years. “Even in those situations where the high school diploma requirement can be justified, employers will still need to consider” whether a “reasonable accommodation” could be provided to allow a disabled person without a diploma to perform a given job."

Sometimes I just link to stuff that makes me shake my head.
This is one of those times.

Controling tobacco control - Tshering Tobgay’s Blog (Bhutan)

Controling tobacco control - Tshering Tobgay’s Blog:

If the amendment sounds better than the current draconian Act, it is. Yet I didn’t I support it. Here’s why:
First, the amendment, like the existing Act, continues to allow people to legally import tobacco. Travelers, and those fortunate to live in bordering towns, can continue to legally import tobacco up to the “permissible quantity”. The way I see it, if we’re going to allow some people to purchase and consume tobacco legally, we should allow other people to do so too.
Second, the amendment, like the existing Act, does not recognize the simple fact that prohibition has never worked and will not work. That’s why a black market quickly (and effectively) established itself in spite of the draconian provisions of the existing Act. That’s why, in the year since the Tobacco Control Act came into effect, many people took their chances despite the stiff sentences in it. Of the many, 84 people got caught. And of them, 39 people have already been sent to jail.
If the amendment goes through, a minority of us will continue to be able to procure and consume tobacco legally. But for the most of us, if we consume tobacco, we will continue to be doing so illegally. That would make us criminals. And because the penalties have now been staggered, expect a bigger black market; expect many more criminals.

I hate this.

I hate reading about it,being driven to know about it,putting it up here and trying to figure out why in an insane world this is allowed.

Why are people put in jail for this?

Why are we demonized,hated,lied about,fed poison pills?

Is it this simple?

The thing that scares me most though is wondering is this our future?

What can we do to stop this forced march ?