Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anti-tobacco law kicks in but enforcement uncertain

Anti-tobacco law kicks in but enforcement uncertain Nepal

Ironically however, there are as yet no such officials for the committee to oversee. Health Secretary Dr Sudha Sharma, who is ex officio coordinator of the committee, said. “Some specific person, organization or ministry alone cannot implement this Act. It is our collective responsibility.”

According to Dr Sharma, the district administration offices (DAOs) are primarily responsible for enforcing the Act. “We have already written to them to take on responsibility for the monitoring,” Dr Sharma said. “The DAOs cannot shrug off their responsibility on the pretext of not having receive the letters as the Act has appeared in the gazette.”

However, Kathmandu Chief District Officer (CDO) Laxmi Dhakal says, “We are not clear about our role. The letter we received is not clear.” CDO Dhakal says he will be able to play his part in implementing the Act only after being properly informed
I have nothing clever to say .
It's hard to imagine that an act would be passed with no clear lines or concrete  enforcement.

No wait....................................

Navajo Nation president vetoes smoking regulation

Navajo Nation president vetoes smoking regulation

In a statement, Shelly said he overturned the council's decision because "the passage of this legislation does not adequately address any given employees who are subjected to a smoking workplace environment."
Shelly added that he was re-pledging his commitment to protect tribal members "from cancer or diseases caused by exposure to secondhand smoke or tobacco use."
There was no immediate reaction Friday from Navajo Nation Council members on Shelly's veto.

Does anyone else remember when partial bans would pass because it meant a foot was in the door for further restrictions later on?
Maybe it is just different on the Navajo reservation.
I don't honestly know.

One in Four Americans Have Less Respect for Smokers

One in Four Americans Have Less Respect for Smokers

 Both smokers and overweight people face a certain amount of societal disapproval in the United States, but the situation is worse for smokers. One in four Americans report having less respect for someone who smokes, twice the level who say they have less respect for a person who is overweight (12%).

No shock there.
Denormalization has done it's intended job.