Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Is Running Out

A close friend recently asked me why I let all this stuff bother me.
Why I allow myself to be so upset by things I have no control over.
My answer was simple,I love my friends and my family.

I have no desire to see either of them hurt by policies out there that  have the ability to try and force changes on them that they don't wish to abide by.
They are rational adults some of whom have smoked for their entire lives.
My mother and father are both older ,I don't consider them elderly but  some people would.

My Father fought as a marine overseas well before I was born.
My Mother grew up as did I on a farm in the middle of nowhere with cows and pigs for company.
Both of them worked hard my entire life to try and provide us kids with a better life than they had.
I probably forget to mention they both smoke,they smoked my entire life.

Some members of my family smoked until they died at ripe old ages of what doctors would no doubt label smoking related illness.

(I smoked tratitional cigarettes until last year,now I smoke an electronic one oddly enough for political reasons not health ones.)

I am however very lucky that both of my parents as old as they are are still quite able to care for themselves.

If they weren't I have no doubt they would be in housing somewhere and I also have no doubt they would be exposed to policies like the ones outlined at the above link.

This is just what we allow to happen to our elderly when they don't do what we want them to.

At some point we have to stand up and raise our voices in unity and say enough is enough.

This is someone's mother,someone's friend and someone who at this point in their life deserves better.

I stuck up a quick blog post Sunday to ask that people contact Richard White at his website www.smokescreens.org to add their names to a list of people asking the housing authority to reconsider their eviction.

Please do it,time is running out.

If it were your mother you would want people to stand up and say enough is enough,wouldn't you?

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