Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Charity Boards The Gravy Train

National Families In Action Launches "But What About The Children?" - TheStreet

It's all the same.
Every single one of these groups want to "protect the children".

Protect them from what living?

In this case the all powerful evil enemy is Marijuana,in this case the stuff California is trying to legalize.

"We allowed alcohol and tobacco to be sold for too many years without effective regulation, and we've paid a terrible price in terms of early use, addiction, and all of those deaths," said Rusche. "If policy makers decide to legalize a third addictive drug, it's imperative that we use our 150 years of knowledge and experience to protect our children from becoming the target market of the marijuana industry."

Ya sure,it's the fault of the government for not doing enough to protect us.

Someday and maybe I won't live to see it but someday these people and groups like theirs will no longer exist.
I hope I live long enough for that to happen.

Oddly enough I don't use controlled substances,but I think we should be able to legally use them if we want to.

I have these fantasies of a world where we are treated like adults and no one tries to say what vise is good and what vice is bad.
No one tries to control us or shame us and no one is living off my tax dollars or anyone else's.

Someday I imagine a world where adults are responsible for their own behavior and the behavior of their children.

I like the world I created in my head,I'm only sad I don't already live in it.

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