Friday, October 8, 2010

So What Does That Have To Do With This?

I'm noticing a theme when I look at the things I care about.

Seems like I keep reading the same types of stories over and over again,just change one word and you can see what happens when entities, charities and governments decides a plant is what is wrong with the world.

ICSDP REPORT: US Government Data on Cannabis Prohibition Video

Tobacco Smuggling Detracts From Law Enforcement

The High Cost Of Cheap Smokes

If contraband is, indeed, playing a role in the smoking problem, what to do about it is still a matter of debate. Convenience stores and the major tobacco companies, backed by the conservative Fraser Institute think-tank and other analysts, have pushed for a reduction in taxes, which they say would largely remove the market for cheaper, unlicensed cigarettes.
Health groups reject the tax-cut idea, stressing that the high prices resulting from taxation are a major barrier to smoking, and lowering the levies would only restore market share to sanctioned cigarettes, not address stalled anti-smoking efforts.

Do Anti Smoking Programs Work To Reduce Smoking?
Statistical analysis that I've conducted shows that there is a very tenuous link between cigarette sales and state anti-tobacco spending. At best, spending large amounts of money on anti-tobacco programs seems to produce a trivial drop in cigarette sales — less than a pack a year per capita. States would be better advised to put these resources toward other public health policies that produce larger results.

What are they spending all our tax money on again?
Effective programs to stop illicit activities?

Or just another waste of money that does nothing that anyone could call helpful?
Watch where the money goes.

Seems like more is spent making criminals out of honest people than is spent really trying to help the less fortunate.

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