Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Evictions And Letters

I've mentioned Richard White before on this blog.

I greatly admire his book Smoke Screens which is pretty eye opening and reminds me of other well written books in the same genre like Dissecting Anti-Smokers Brains or Velvet Glove Iron Fist.

So when Richard says he has something he'd like to share I pay attention.

I am posting his e-mail to me which I had permission to post:

Hi all, 

This is one of the most important emails I've ever sent to you all and 
it's imperative this gets as much attention as possible. If you are 
unfamiliar with the story, read this link before opening the attachment. 

The attachment is a letter I have written to be sent to the Housing 
Association in question to urge them to overturn their decision. If we 
can generate enough support and interest perhaps we will have victory on 
this one. Please take a moment to read the letter and add your name at 
the bottom; if you involved in any organisation like CAGE, Forces, F2C 
etc then add that too, and if you know any others who will be interested 
please pass it on to them and ask them to do the same. Once your name is 
added, email it back to me and I'll put each name on the same document. 
Alternatively to signing, just email me back with your name and relevant 
description next to it and i will add it to the letter. This is a matter 
of urgency as I want to send it out during the week. 

If you find any errors in the letter, let me know and I'll amend it. 


If anyone out there is interested in reading and or signing the letter please contact Richard White at his site  .


  1. Blogrolled at think you will find we have a lot in common!

  2. Blogrolled HERE too.

    We pro-choicers don't have the anti-smoker funding that can do such great things as evict old and vulnerable pensioners but we do have strength, determination, passion and right on our side.

    Here's hoping that it pays off and can help this woman when those that should don't!

  3. Thank you both.

    Your blog might not show up on my blogroll,because it's very long but I read both of your blogs daily.

  4. How does it look like now? Is she free to moke or did she have to move?

    or did they poison her with Chaampix or Zyban? (their only aim !)

    How many letters did ou get? and from us in Europe?

  5. Hi

    I posted an update like I should have ages ago for everyone who stopped in here.

    I get so wrapped up in the day to day and the politics that sometimes I almost forget this blog exists.

    It's a shame too because this blog has seen more ranting,raving and shrieking turned into semi readable content ...................