Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Delaware County bar owners say business down since smoking ban

Delaware County bar owners say business down since smoking ban | The Star Press | thestarpress.com:

Munson, predicting a scenario where county commissioners would one day tell citizens they couldn't smoke in their own homes, said county officials had "accomplished their mission."
"They've changed some behavior," he said, in a fashion that has been "fairly devastating to tavern owners."
Lawyers M. Edward Krause III, representing the county commissioners, and Don Dunnuck, a county commissioner who as an attorney represents the health board, said Munson had no grounds upon which to ask for the temporary injunction.
"Courts have ruled... there is no fundamental right to smoke," Dunnuck said.

Imagine that?
Business owners banding together to try and stop regulations from killing their businesses and jobs in the community.
I love seeing stuff like this,it's a shame it takes this much regulation to get people to stand up and say no we've had enough.

I wish things weren't the way they are now,because this issue was meant to divide us as human beings from one another and oddly it seems like it has always been this way.
Pipe smokers think they are different from cigar smokers who think they are different from cigarette smokers who think they're different from people who use smokeless tobacco.
It really is mind boggling to me that we never banded together and supported each other,it only makes the worst regulations seem like a worse travesty because maybe if we had the outcome might have been harder to achieve.
Once you separate entire groups of people and start allowing them to see other human beings as being alien and different it is all too easy to disassociate yourselves from them and allow things to happen to them that you would never want to have happen to you.
I have to stop there because the thought seems like it will never happen,but I hope I'm wrong.

I hope in my lifetime I see a huge wave of not smokers or drinkers or fat people but just  a huge wave of people standing up and saying no to things like this so we can stop being separate and start being human beings once again.

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