Monday, October 3, 2011

Alexandria hospital to ban odor of smoke on workers' clothes

Alexandria hospital to ban odor of smoke on workers' clothes | The Town Talk |

 The policy will prohibit the use of tobacco products by employees while on their shifts, including when they are on breaks. It also will not allow employees to work if their clothing smells like smoke.
"About a month or two ago we sent a letter to all of our associates to their homes," hospital administrator Lisa R. Lauve said. "We sent a letter notifying them that they had a year to make whatever adjustments they needed to make to be able to comply with the policy that would not allow them to smoke during the hours that they work."
Hospital officials are aiming to reduce patients' and employees' exposure to toxins that linger in fabrics from a recently burned cigarette, also known as third-hand smoke, Lauve said. 

Sometimes it's hard to find the words to explain how frustrating this all is.
Junk science has an amazing ability to create policies for no reason.
It feels like this is never going to end,but it has to history tells us it has to end.
People forget how much history there is in these sorts of prohibitions and conditions on how we live our lives.

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