Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tobacco Denormalization and Stigma

Tobacco Denormalization and Stigma « Neuroethics at the Core:

The new CAMH policy appears to be following a recent global political trend called tobacco denormalization. The goal of tobacco denormalization programs is to promote the idea that tobacco use is not a mainstream activity within society. CAMH is but one of many psychiatric facilities world-wide that have implemented denormalization programs. Yet, as a recent Globe and Mail article covering the story noted, since CAMH “is the country’s largest mental-health centre, other institutions will undoubtedly be watching to see how the new policy unfolds.”

Denormalization is an awful evil policy.
Nothing like lying and attempting to shame people out of a behavior simply because you don't like it.
The longer I look at these stories the more I find myself wondering exactly what the difference is between the scientific community and the church.
I find this so frustrating,how can you combat something where people pretend to have the moral high ground?


  1. The very fact they have to "denormalise" something shows how normal it is. We must always remember that and challenge their cruel prejudices where we can. The mentally ill, and other vulnerable smokers like pregnant women, are easy targets for these bullies.

  2. I agree 1000%. It really has become a prejudice issue imo ,smoking divides us from other people and makes us different from them,it allows xenophobia to flourish (of course aided by years of propaganda and abuse)and gives people something to get on their high horse about.