Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where there’s smoke, there’s zealotry

Where there’s smoke, there’s zealotry

The issue is freedom of choice, and the right of adults to determine and take responsibility for their own decisions and their own actions.
“But smoking is unhealthy.” Irrelevant. You get an F.
“But cigarettes are dirty and stinky.” Moot point. You get an F.
“But second-hand smoke will kill me.” Zealotry. You get an F and academic probation.
Let’s update the old 20th-century cliché about putting men on the moon; in the 21st century, they can put a robot on Mars, but they apparently can’t construct a smoking room that won’t poison innocent passersby.

It's always such an enjoyable surprise when a non-smoker writes something like this.
This was written about a university in Germany.
A huge part of me is still shocked when I read about smoking bans there.
Knowing that country's history ............. well I don't need to say anything more now do I?

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