Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Will it be Tobacco-phobia next?

TODAYonline | Voices | Will it be Tobacco-phobia next?:

Banning tobacco will cause a dichotomy of smokers and non-smokers. The non-smoker majority undeniably already has a negative view of smokers, and if the State makes a stand, smokers would be at risk of becoming social deviants, or worse, outcasts.

Whether it is an outright ban, a gradual ban or denying only elective surgery, there would be a creation of "folk devils" or the Singapore version of a witch-hunt anxiety. 

Smokers would be judged because despite laws that protect non-smokers, there is no suggestion to protect smokers from non-smokers' moral, ethical, political or social "gazing".

This is more than a harmless stare. The gaze of an employer toward his or her employees or an institution toward its members involves an element of judgement. Previously, it was racism. Will it be Tobacco-phobia next?

It is heartening to see how our society has modernised and become health conscious. It is disheartening to see the constant attack on smokers and their way of life.

I guess I lack an understanding of the experience of smokers in Singapore.
I'm still confused by what the letter writer is trying to say,some of it I agreed with and some of it is regurgitated anti-smoking propaganda.
No other point of view will make me happy but my own I guess.

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