Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sydney council considers total smoking ban

Sydney council considers total smoking ban - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

Sydney's third largest central business district is to consider a blanket ban on smoking within its city limits.
Liverpool City Council will vote on the proposal in November.
Deputy Mayor Ned Mannoun says the law will continue the push to encourage healthy behaviour.

Sad,this just makes me feel sad.
Why not just make it illegal?Seems like it would be much more in accordance with what they really want to do.
(I tend to post in a reactionary manner,not really thinking before I write.I am bad that way and things I say in a questioning manner come across as asking for something worse.That isn't the case.)


  1. Be careful what you wish you for. it's heading that way :<(

  2. Believe me I'm not wishing for it at all.
    All I really want is for the insanity to just stop.

    I can remember a time in my childhood where there were no artificial divisions between people like there are today:I am pretty sure that we can't go back to those times but there has to be a place for all of us.

    Marginalizing entire groups of people and making criminals out of them isn't working