Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Smoking snuffed by county

Smoking snuffed by county

Commissioners Don Elwell and Jack Richie made it clear that they would not approve the policy as it stood, Elwell going to individual rights and Richie supporting individual rights and questioning enforcement.
"For me, this issue touches on individual rights," Elwell said. "We are legislating morality, if you will. We are looking at saying something is bad for you, and you can't take care of yourself, so we will do that for you.
"We are telling people that they are not able to take care of themselves, so we will do it for them.
"I know that one of the arguments is that smoking cuts into productivity. Now employees are going to walk outside past the area that is currently designated for smoking, walk another 50 yards past the area we could have designated for smoking, get into their car, but since they cannot even smoke there they will drive across the road to smoke. And that is going to help productivity how?" Elwell asked.

I love common sense.
Sad how I see so little of it these days.

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