Friday, September 24, 2010

Hypocrites and liars

If the science doesn't work now how can you justify what you've done with it previously?

 “While acknowledging Mr Labate’s exposure to second hand tobacco smoke and finding no other cause for his lung cancer, the Medical Committee in its decision nonetheless stated that it could not establish with certainty the connection with his professional activities.” 
                                       It's Hazardous Unless You Sue

They have banned smoking just about everywhere,based on studies and testimony of scientists and doctors.

And yet when one of their own a person who went into many smoky pubs on a daily basis on their behalf has taken ill,those statistics they used to justify their own bans go right out the window.

Hypocritical bastards,someone is so ill they can no longer work and they suddenly can't make the science work?

It's amazing,isn't it?

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