Friday, September 24, 2010

August 13,1919 New York Times

August 13,1919

The link I have up here is for a rather interesting PDF.

One could almost imagine that it was written today,almost.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 2.--The total abolition of the use of all tobacco within five years is planned by the Women's Christian Temperance Union, according to assertions made today by the Association Opposed to National Prohibitions. 
Even in the early 1900's someone didn't like smokers,someone didn't like drinkers as well.

They planned an all out propaganda war on people who's actions they didn't like.

Not so different from what we see happening around us today.

The slogan nicotine next and it's ideas of child welfare,health and morality and education and information aren't so different from what we see happening today.

The tactics are almost exactly the same,only this time it isn't the temperance movement against people,it's junk science and press releases and bad journalism

Someone you have never met will always be unhappy with how you live your life.
Someone you don't know will always be dissatisfied with the choices you make.

Someone who doesn't know you from a hole in the wall will always be more than happy to force changes onto you,society, business owners, and the law just to stop you from doing something they don't like.

The only difference is that today they have scientists,doctors and the medical community on their side.

It's beyond discouraging.

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