Sunday, March 3, 2013

Anti Potpurri

UC Davis researchers uncover earliest tobacco use in the Pacific Northwest

Native American hunter-gatherers living more than a thousand years ago in what is now northwestern California ate salmon, acorns and other foods, and now we know they also smoked tobacco - the earliest known usage in the Pacific Northwest, according to a new UC Davis study.
"The study demonstrates that tobacco smoking was part of the northwestern California culture very early ... shortly after the earliest documented Pacific Northwest Coast plank house villages," said the study, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.
Testing organic residues extracted from pipes, researchers from the UCD Department of Anthropology and the Fiehn Metabolomics Laboratory of the UCD Genome Center confirmed tobacco was smoked, and likely grown in the region, by at least A.D. 860.

This one is so repuignant to me that I refuse to post a piece of it.You'll have to click the link to read it. Sadly the title sounds promising.

Also a doozie but I did find a small part I could put here without wanting to scream in disgust.

To prevent the hazardous habit of smoking amongst children, the law amended the approved age to smoke. It was 18, but now those who are 21 years old or above will be able to purchase cigarettes. Therefore, citizens will be obligated to show their identification from now on.

This one has video.

Tobacco smoking continues to place a heavy toll on the Chinese people's health. It is estimated that every day roughly 2,000 Chinese die because of smoking-related ailments.

In Utah, a bill that would outlaw smoking in cars when children are present is making its way through the state legislature. If passed, Utah would become the sixth state to enact such a law -- though many more are set to follow suit.

This bill would prohibit the smoking of a cigarette or other tobacco products in all areas of multifamily dwellings, except those areas designated as areas where smoking is permitted, as specified.

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