Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tobacco will one day be outlawed worldwide, says expert

As for the “numbered days of organized tobacco,” Hausner said that public opinion surveys in New Zealand show that twothirds of the public – including many smokers – advocate complete abolition of the import, manufacture, sale and use of tobacco products so it becomes a “completely tobacco-free country.” Other countries will follow, he said, adding that he hoped Israel would eventually be among them.

The same term, abolition, was used in mid-19th century America, when slavery was legal, regarded as economically beneficial and widely supported in the South. But just a few years later, slavery was completely abolished – as if it never happened. The same, said Hausner to much applause, can happen with smoking.

“Today, we are in the midst of an irreversible process that will lead to the termination of organized tobacco,” he said.

“The environment will be completely tobacco-free. This is what people all over the world want.”

I'd have to disagree with this man.

If I were to go by what the people I see and speak to on a daily basis I'd have to say what they most want is just to be left alone.

No one I know wants to be told how to live,what to eat how to behave as though they are nothing more than children.

People I know who are adults know the decisions they make in life have consequences and they accept them and live by them.

If someone wants to fucking smoke then let them smoke.

If someone wants a fifty five ounce cup of soda let them have it.

If someone wants to load a steak up with half a shaker of salt then so be it.

I'll never understand this mentality behind treating grown adults as if they don't even know their own minds.

And honestly telling people they stink or they will look bad if they smoke is a truly juvenile way to deal with this.

I thought tobacco control the world renowned experts in why we behave the way we do (ha ha) could have come up with something better than bullying,persecuting,lying to and vilifying smokers.

They act like spoiled children who aren't getting their own way.

Stamping their feet and telling Mommy and Daddy they could stop the bad people if only,if only they had more money.

And after all it's what they're all about right?

More money....................

O.K. I'm done ranting.


  1. they didn't get rid of slavery anyway did they? they just thought they did:

  2. No slavery never truly went away. Idleness is just for the wealthy the rest of us have to be fit enough to work long enough to pay for the machine that crushes us.

    1. And I know that wasn't exactly what you were referring to. So to answer that no slavery never truly went away,it was just hidden better so people wouldn't be too upset by it.

      By making slavery "illegal" it has just made it more difficult to obtain a slave in some places.

      Wage slaves,sex slaves ect. still exist and their plight goes mostly unnoticed in the world today.

  3. Modern slavery evidently involves more people than the old kind did. Little known is that English people taken into slavery outnumbers those transported to America in the "old slavery" days. Need to check that statement - but I know it surprised me so much, it stuck in my head!

    Today, nothing has changed - it's got worse as there are no checks on how well or how happy your slaves are! I would favour legalised prostitution for this reason.

    In the UK, we sit with complete satisfaction that slavery has been abolished - my foot! - it goes on here under our noses.

    If tobacco was abolished, it would move underground. I believe it grows ok here too. And we would have a "war on tobacco" that would make an excellent business employing many people and making loads of money in Government funding with our taxes.

    What offends me most about all of this, is that people who smoke are still in charge of their minds - in fact, they have sharper focus than those who don't smoke. And why have we got such a huge aging popuation now, when most of us smoked?

    Something stinks in all of this - and it isn't burning tobacco leaves!

    Thanks for your post.

  4. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are talking about but it is one example of it
    and of course there is the labor done by prisoners
    Cogs in a wheel.............

  5. I agree as well that abolishing tobacco would just move it further underground,making a wonderful living for the people who grew and sold it and leaving nothing much for the government to milk from the people.
    But there is already a war on growing it,not exactly full scale and not exactly what it could be yet.
    An example
    And for more examples of this