Thursday, June 28, 2012

Senator John Crown has said the manufacturing and sale of tobacco products should be banned by 2025.

The senator, who is also a consultant oncologist, said the measures should be adopted at a European level.
He said placing a ban on the manufacturing and sale of cigarettes  should be a long-term goal. 

Senator Crown said  "It will give the companies time to re-tool the machines to make something else.

"This is a time when the world is short of food. Imagine all that agricultural land being used to produce cancer causing tobacco instead of being used to grow food

Imagine the lack of tax revenue Imagine the lack of jobs. 

I always wondered how many people were employed by the large tobacco manufacturers or how many people grew tobacco.

None of these things seem to matter to these people 

Their lack of vision is astounding and their prejudice blinds them to the truth that anyone can plainly see.

Just from an economic standpoint calling for this is shortsighted,foolish and painfully stupid.

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