Monday, May 21, 2012

Russian MPs to debate harshest-ever anti-smoking bill

The bill stipulates a dramatic price rise on cigarettes, up to the European level – at least 1.28 euro per pack. It also bans cigarette sales at public catering venues, street stands and stalls. Cigarettes will be sold only at shops of at least 50 square meters in area. 
In other measures, it will be prohibited to display cigarette packs at showcases – potential buyers will have to make their choice from a price list only. The aim is to prevent the uptake of smoking among young people under 18.
Cigarettes and smoking in children's movies will be subject to censorship. Tobacco companies will not be able sponsor educational and sports organizations, healthcare and cultural institutions. 

Because doing things like this always works so well.
These governments can't wait to try and one up each other,each trying to be harsher than the last.
Fortunately no one has tried to imitate Bhutan yet.
It has always bugged me that some members of society picked smokers to be their scapegoats .
And now we're on track to see soda go the way of cigarettes .

Someday I hope I wake up to find this has been nothing but a bad dream...................

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