Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tobacco ban wouldn't be most effective step

Tobacco ban wouldn't be most effective step

But outlawing a legal activity isn't as much of a deterrent as some might like to believe.

It just turns ordinary citizens into pariahs, "socially unacceptable" and condemned for their habit while others practice their own distasteful ― and potentially dangerous ― habits without the scorn of friends, family and even strangers.

Ever overhear a stranger ask an overweight person why his or her lunch choice is a supersized burger and fries? Probably not ― especially with so many people carrying concealed weapons these days. But criticizing a smoker, and doing so with marked disdain and self-righteousness? It's not the thing to do.

I'm confused by this opinion piece.
I like it but I know someone who is very anti-smoking wrote it.
I am noticing this more and more though,even people for tobacco control are starting to "say" that things have gone too far.

I wonder if they truly believe it .

I know I do.

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