Friday, January 13, 2012

University Of California Announces Blanket Smoking Ban

University Of California Announces Blanket Smoking Ban:

Whilst no one can argue that it is a bad idea to encourage smoking in places where young people are finding their feet and developing habits that might last them a lifetime, a problem that is due to hit home in another decade or so, is when the cancer rates fail to drop and the spotlight turns to the myriad of toxic chemicals, insecticides, air-born contaminants, plastics, glues, paints and even cosmetic and food additives that are known to be highly carcinogenic. There should be plenty of interesting lawsuits - the question is whether these companies can survive, once public enemy number one is out of the picture.

The usual propaganda,but the conclusion at the end of the article isn't one I usually see.

When I see something like this I have to wonder if these people know cancer rates are affected by things that aren't smoking how come no one ever says anything about them?

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