Monday, January 16, 2012

Smoking areas needed

Smoking areas needed:

I recently had the opportunity to stay with my parents in a seniors home in Edmonton.
I smoke, so I would join the smokers out-side.
I was appalled that these senior citizens do not have a shelter to smoke in. I am talking about seniors in wheelchairs and walkers.
They pay enough money to be afforded a shelter. Most of these seniors are unable to quit smoking at this time in their lives. It is one of the few enjoyments they have left.
I can understand that they are not allowed to have a cigarette in their suite; it would be far too difficult to evacuate all those seniors should there be a fire.
As it got colder and windier, there were fewer people smoking and I heard rumours that they were smoking in their rooms.

I never know exactly what to write about these things,I read them and I'm sickened and disgusted at how we treat our elderly.
In so many ways I am glad my elderly parents who both smoke live with me.
I hate the idea of them being treated like unwanted,unliked people because they choose to smoke.


  1. The article goes on to say:

    'One gentleman said he was stuck out-side in his wheelchair until 3 a.m. as he forgot to take his keys and there was snow on the ground, so he could not go to the front, where there was a guard on duty to let him in.

    I hope it does not take a death of an elderly person outside for us to reconsider our rules and laws.'

    There have been deaths from hypothermia, pity comments aren't allowed.

    1. You are absolutely correct.

      For example

      I wonder how many people have to die before someone with an ounce of common sense decides that making a safe warm place for smokers is the right thing to do.

      It makes me ill to think these hospitals and nursing homes know for a fact that our elderly are the most susceptible to hypothermia and yet no one seems to mind when an elderly smoker has to have body parts amputated or dies.