Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Proposed Mobile smoking ban would allow bars to opt out

Proposed Mobile smoking ban would allow bars to opt out |

An ordinance soon to be considered by the Mobile City Council would bar smoking in virtually all public spaces and places of employment in the city. 
The most notable exception to the ban would be bars serving patrons age 21 or older. 
Bar owners could choose for themselves whether to allow smoking. Signs indicating whether smoking is OK would be required near the entrances. 
Smoking at restaurants would be permitted in outdoor spaces, provided that the outdoor space is 25 feet from the entrance. 
The ordinance is expected to appear on the council’s Jan. 10 agenda, but may not come to a vote until Jan. 17. 
Councilman William Carroll is sponsoring the ordinance, a draft of which was provided to the Press-Register. "Hardly anybody wants to eat their food around someone who is smoking anymore," he said. "Practically the whole country is trying to go smoke free." 
Carroll said that the ordinance is fair to smokers because it allows them a social outlet where they can smoke. 

Interesting and unusual.
I suspect many bars would choose to opt out since they make a great deal of money from smoking patrons.

I don't like smoking bans,I never have they started a society where rules and laws are made by the association or the agency that yells the loudest.

It is never made by taking the people who smoke into any kind of consideration at all.

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