Monday, October 17, 2011

Wales needs 20,000 smokers a year to quit to meet ambitious targets

Wales needs 20,000 smokers a year to quit to meet ambitious targets - Wales News - News - WalesOnline:

WALES needs to persuade 20,000 smokers a year to quit if it is to meet an ambitious target to slash smoking rates.
The Welsh Government wants to cut the number of adult smokers from the current 23% to just 16% by 2020.
But there are concerns about whether Wales’ smoking cessation services can help such numbers tackle their addictions.
The number of adults smoking has fallen only slightly in the last seven years, from 26% in 2004, despite the introduction of the ban on smoking in public places.

This doesn't make sense when you figure in the economic losses from tobacco taxes.
I can't pretend to be well versed enough in this to spout statistics and numbers but every smoker that quits costs the government something.
I'm frankly always surprised that this topic keeps rearing it's ugly head.

I'm not even sure exactly what sort of economic number juggling has shown a positive outcome for governments attempting to stamp out smoking on a huge basis but I wouldn't believe the outcome has changed much from the first time I read this.

"A $1 increase in cigarette excise taxes could affect an
estimated 74,700 to 96,800 jobs"

A nifty little report from the United States own general accounting office came up with that number.
I have tried to figure out what the losses on a worldwide scale would be today but math isn't my strong suit.

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