Saturday, October 15, 2011 | OU law student, presidential candidate opposes smoking ban | OU law student, presidential candidate opposes smoking ban:

“[Let’s say] you don’t smoke. What happens when the government takes away one of the liberties that you do enjoy?” Harris asked. “Are you going to ask people to stand up for you while you remained silent when others were tyrannized?”Harris said he has been trying to work with the OU chapter of the Young Americans for Liberty organization to fight the ban. Caleb Groves, a member of the OU group, said he shares many of Harris’ values.
Groves, international and area studies junior, said he worked for Harris during his U.S. congressional campaign and has decided to volunteer for him once again now that he is running for president.
“Since we are a brand new organization there hasn’t been much for RJ and me to do, but he is going to be attending our meetings, and he will be the guest speaker for our meeting this Friday,” Groves said.
Spurred by smoking’s legality and big government, Groves said his group is hoping to stage a protest on the South Oval.

I really did like this, although I didn't agree with everything in it.
But for me someone calling the loss of liberty to people's attention is welcome and sorely needed.
I wish more people were like this kid,then maybe this mess we have now wouldn't be such a total cluster.

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