Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flames fanned by smoke ban - Local - Blackpool Gazette

Flames fanned by smoke ban - Local - Blackpool Gazette:

A BAN on smoking outdoors has prompted anger.
Blackpool Council has put signs up outside the Solaris centre on South Promenade to say smoking is prohibited in all areas of the site including the grounds.
Smoking rights campaigner Hamish Howitt has branded the move a step too far and warned people could also be banned from lighting up in other public areas in future.
He said: “The smoking ban has already killed off the pub trade. If it spreads to open spaces it will kill off tourism in a working class place like Blackpool.
“If the council is banning smoking outside, it might as well ban cars and lorries because the damage from traffic fumes is much greater.”

Oh good an outdoor smoking ban.
I don't live in Blackpool obviously but this infuriates me.
If you can't smoke outdoors and you can't smoke indoors then where in the hell can you smoke?
If something is legal then why go to all of this trouble to ostracize and demoralize the smokers?

I think the anti's knew something we didn't.
They knew with all the sureness in the world that if they made us baby killers and made us the bogiemen that society would surely shun us.
If their shameful practice didn't work they made sure their propaganda and junk science surely would.
I assume they thought with enough pressure and enough hatred we would stop and some have (convinced by science that is woefully lacking and painful to read if you have a halfway analytical mind and a halfwits understanding of causation and effect and how one proves such a thing) but many have not.

I find it sad that people didn't know with the success of the anti-smoking brigade that more stuff would be coming down the pike for them.
Welcome to the world where people tax fats to change behavior.
After alcohol ,salt and cars I wonder what's next.

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