Monday, September 12, 2011

Smoking in Russia: will old habits die hard?

Smoking in Russia: will old habits die hard? : The Lancet:

Persuading Russian society of the need for what many will label draconian anti-smoking legislation will be absolutely crucial if new legislation is to stand any chance of being enforced. Currently, only flights are smoke free, and according to Toropova this is explained “only by such will of the airlines”—it is not a legal obligation. There is nowhere else that is 100% smoke free, including hospitals. “The only penalty existing today for smoking in the forbidden places is RUB100 (about US$3)”, says Toropova—“that is for smoking on a train, in a non-smoking compartment”

Hell they will just do what they want I imagine.
I do think this will wind up being a Greece type of situation or at least I hope it will be.


  1. Remember (well, I do) when we laughed at Russia in the 70s and 80s for their trampling of public will on ideological grounds?

    How things have changed, eh?

  2. I'm not nearly as young as my blogger picture leads people to believe,so I do remember that.

    It always makes me feel better to know there are places on earth where the anti's know they're going to have a problem implementing their smoke-free world ideology.