Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Story

For the people who don't know by the posts on this blog I do vape.
Some people make the decision for whatever reason to try vaping and love it,some replace partial cigarette use with it and some do make a switch.
For some it isn't a real enough experience and they go back to smoking.
For now I am going to talk about myself,it is sometimes easier to explain myself than it is to explain others.

As a child I could remember smoking in places like the shopping center or the local restaurants.
My mom and dad had always smoked,so did my brothers and later on I did as well.
I am not a quit type of person,never have been.
I had no desire to quit and no real financial intensive to pay prohibitively high sin taxes to my government for indulging in what is a perfectly legal behavior.
Until this time around two years ago I had never questioned why no one could smoke indoors in a public place anymore or why people didn't like us when we smoked outdoors.
That part had bothered me most  the nasty behavior by other people when I would go outside to smoke,you know what I mean,the coughing,the handwaving the "helpful" advise "Those things will kill you.".
I had never experienced mean beyond that though,I live in a pretty small town and most of us know each other,it does make some difference I guess.

Being that I am curious and the fact that I read alot I before I even attempted to begin to use e cigs started reading,looking for a reason why our freedoms were being trampled,why no smoking zones outdoors were being moved further and further away.
No one really had any useful information until I somehow found myself here.

From there it was a short journey to other places with more useful information.
Back in those days Christopher Snowdon hadn't begun blogging and I had no idea exactly who half the people on my blog sidebar were.
But I was pretty sure of one thing this man told a story so amazing,so sickening that I had to check and be sure what he was saying was true and it was.
There is a point that most people reach and it changes them,reading this stuff changed me.
If nothing else it made me more aware,made me take a harder look at the places I spent my money and the companies I gave my money to.
Worse than what I found there was the sad and slowly sinking feeling I started to get in the pit of my stomach that some of the money I paid out in state and federal cigarette taxes was going to persecute me and other smoker's like me.
My parents,my brothers,friends and people I had never even met were being hurt by the money I was putting into these coffers.

I had never ever thought of growing my own tobacco or buying roll your own tobacco but I knew I had to do something.
The idea for electronic cigarettes was something I thought about for months,it wasn't the easiest decision I ever made.
Do I use electronic cigarettes?
Do I still consider myself a smoker?

The reason for this post which I knew was coming yesterday when I read this was the absolute anger I felt when I read it.
I assume other people who vape read this and were overjoyed,I wasn't.
I knew people would feel a whole lot like this.
The way they feel isn't without reason,they I would say we but apparently the government had decided that I am o.k. for whatever reason and people who don't do what I do aren't.

I didn't do this for my health,I did this because I had high hopes that starving them (the government,the charities) would change their minds.
I see we still aren't where we need to be yet.
It makes me sad.

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  1. This is an excellent piece and sets my mind at rest as a tobacco smoker who will not go over to e-cigs. I worry about the Govt's possible divide and rule tactic to force us into a smaller, more controlled minority using e-cigs as the wedge.

    Thanks so much.