Sunday, September 11, 2011

Closing time for Perth’s pub culture?

Closing time for Perth’s pub culture? - Perthshire Advertiser:

Closure of the 1807 established Scone Arms is the latest Fair City casualty succumbing to tougher trading conditions created by the credit crunch, higher taxes, smoking ban and discounted off-trade alcohol sales.

They can point to anything they'd like but I am pretty sure the smoking ban is what started the massive decline.
I can even see this where I live,the only people who went out for an evening of fun were the smokers and now that those days are over, restaurants and bars are folding all over the place.
Some might say it's the recession and it might be that too,but banning smoking and smokers from going out and being accepted hasn't lead to too many good things for the hospitality industry.

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