Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bullitt County Waits For Smoking Ban Response

Bullitt County Waits For Smoking Ban Response
The Bullitt County Health Department passed a smoking ban that puts restrictions on where people may smoke, citing health reasons for the ban. But the county government says it can’t do that.
“They said the board of health is not a legislative body so therefore they cannot adopt new regulation unless there’s a law in the books,” said Swannie Jett, executive director of the Bullitt County Health Department.
Bullitt County officials and several city governments say it’s not in the health department’s jurisdiction to pass the regulation without writing it into law, and the county government says that’s something it can’t do.

I have always felt that the various health departments in America had the power to go too far.For some reason this article makes me happy as hell.
Nice seeing someone call them on it for once.

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